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Souring Good Genetics

In a legal or black market, the grower’s greatest asset is their genetics. Their strain portfolio, whether 10 or 100, can separate them from being a successful or a failing company. A grower can be only as good as their genetics allow them. 


Why You Should Be Proactive in Cannabis Production Best Practices

The cannabis industry is in a chaotic compliance position today and could change dramatically if the U.S. government legalizes it. Each state has its own rules about testing, traceability, and use of agricultural chemicals, while other countries have strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) rules in place.


40 Under 40 - Class of 2020

These 40 up-and-comers have already been making things happen and will continue to do so for many, many years. As you will see, they have the drive, passion and expertise that will propel our industry forward. Everyone in this year’s class was nominated by one of their peers for their accomplishments both in and out of the horticulture industry


Finding Safe Genetics as a Finished Cannabis Grower

Not all states or countries are created equal in the cannabis industry. Regulations can be tough to navigate depending on which state you are doing business in. Most states have a strict state-run tracking system each cultivator needs to follow. The system follows an individual plant from a rooted cutting to harvest, then to the consumer as either smokable flower or a concentrate of some form and finished product.

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