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WD Consultant's work with clients to build growth. Providing exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs. Are you looking to increase your yield per foot, considering a new lighting system, or are you in need of guidance in your facility design? WD Consulting has practiced across all areas of the Cannabis sector and the world.

Services : Services

Facility Design

Whether growing indoors on multiple levels or large scale greenhouse. We can give assistance and assurance to meet your production needs.

Image by Daniel McCullough
Image by Eric Rothermel

Production Planning

Providing work flow and planning for on time crop cycles. A strong production plan can give future insight and efficient labor.

Fertilizer and IPM

Building or modifying a existing fertilizer program or IPM strategy, WD Consulting will be able to provide the client with a effective and safe approach for a quality and clean product for the consumer.

Growing Plants

Data Analytics

Data is what drives the choices we make in agriculture. We can help direct the right tests and data collection for a proactive approach to all decisions made.

Do you need help making important decisions? Contact us today and let us put you back on track.

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